Horseback Riding Lesson

Horseback riding lessons are offered for new riders who wish to learn the art of riding. The horse and its rider is a partnership of mutual respect. The rider must learn to respect the horse’s needs as much as the horse must respect the rider’s instruction. Our lessons are aimed at teaching riders to understand the horse as an individual and to learn the basic instructions needed to communicate with the horse in a kind and considerate manner. Horses are instinctive creatures who will respond to the emotions of the rider. As they learn how to ride, riders will aso learn the finer aspects of controlling their emotions, mental focus and physical reactionsthat will enrich their experience with the horse.ride

  • Lessons are normally provided on a one-to-one basis namely one trainer to a student for 1st 5 lessons.
  • The minimum package is 10 lessons
    priced at RM100 per lesson.
  • To initiate the student, the first twenty minute session on a lunge-ing rope is provided free.
  • Riding hours is from 8-11am and 3-6pm Tuesday to Sunday
  • After registration for a riding lesson package, students are advised to book 24 hours in advance prior to a lesson.

Attire: Students must be attired comfortably to ride. As a minimum. they are advised to wear long cotton pants, sports shoes and T-shirts. Students are encouraged to bring their own helmets and gloves.

 Age is not a barrier to learn horse riding; everybody is welcome to experience this wonderful and rewarding activity.

For registration and booking, please contact us at Tel:+60136529291  or

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